Zoe Organics

Brand Identity


About the project

Full brand identity refresh for an organic skincare company, ensuring visual integrity across multiple platforms including consumer packaged goods, website and social media, printed collateral, photography and B2B sales presentations.

April 22, 2016
My role
Creative director, visual designer

The background

Zoe Organics is a small retail company that creates organic skincare products for pregnancy, babies and the whole family using ingredients that are gentle and free of toxins. My relationship with the company began in 2009 when they were one of my freelance clients: I was brought on initially to develop the new company's brand identity. A few years later I was offered the role of in-house Creative Director, and since I had been a huge fan of the brand's mission and values from the very beginning, I was thrilled to jump at the opportunity. From my previous experience working closely with the founder, I had intimate knowledge of the goals the company was striving to reach in terms of brand perception and positioning.

The challenge

Zoe Organics originally sold their products at local farmers' markets in central California where the company was founded. After a few years of growth, the brand had blossomed beyond its original niche personality, and it was time for a full refresh. The challenge was to give the brand a more grown-up feel, with the sophistication befitting a retail brand in the organic beauty market, but without alienating its existing customer base.

The process

After many discussions with the founder regarding how the brand should ideally be perceived by existing and new customers, together we shaped the new brand personality, and I worked at distilling those abstract ideals into tangible design elements such as colors and patterns, fonts, the feel of the product packaging, and the logo. From there, I was able to build more complex brand elements into the visual brand library, for example giving each product its own color and pattern, and starting to work on how the new website might look and function.

I also relied on feedback from customers and retail partners as valuable sources of data as I led the redesign process. I created a survey to gauge how different groups of people perceived the brand at that point, and how they might envision the direction of its growth, using personality traits as key words to describe the brand.

I chose a color and unique pattern for each of the products, about 15 at that time, and I based the color choices on my the personality of each product – the baby products were much more calm and soothing, for example, than products for the rest of the family. When the whole collection of products came together it had to work as a whole, as well as individually. I came up with the idea of wrapping the full logo around the sides of the product packaging as a way to display the logo in its entirety, but also because each panel of the box shows a different portion of the logo, and I thought it would be a fun journey for the customer to be able to pick up the product on the shelf and explore it that way. Showing the outline of the glass container within the box is another signature Zoe Organics product design. An important part of the customer journey is the experience of opening the product packaging, with the luxurious feel of the creamy, 100% recycled paper, and discovering the unexpected pattern printed on the inside of the box.
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I redesigned the website from the ground up, approaching the redesign with the knowledge that the current website was functioning fine as an e-commerce site, but that there were many areas in which the user experience could be improved—in content, user interface and flow, as well as establishing the new branding. I went through an informal process of design research, content audit, competitive analysis, customer personas, wireframing and iteration, in order to design and deliver a whole new experience for the end user. Through this process I also gained a working knowledge of HTML, and the Liquid programming language to set up the site on Shopify. Since its launch, the redesigned website helped increase sales by 30% in the first year, along with elevating the brand perception and helping to establish the brand as an authority in its space.
Zoe Organics Everything Balm - lifestyle
Zoe Organics Diaper Balm - social media
Zoe Organics - product trio
Zoe Organics Baby Oil - lifestyle
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Social media was an important tool in representing the brand and cultivating a community of loyal and enthusiastic customers. As the creative director, I oversaw important campaigns and spearheaded the curation of images put out across the brand’s social media platforms.
Zoe Organics_social 1
Zoe Organics_social 2
Zoe Organics_social 3
The brand standards organize and present all the brand elements, from visual assets to tone of voice, and help ensure that freelancers and other designers carry on the vision that I had the opportunity to create for this brand.
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One of my projects was to create a set of three travel-sized baby products, packaged in a custom-printed cosmetic bag. The decision to use a cosmetic bag as the product packaging was informed by the brand value of sustainability, and of choosing product packaging that can be reusable.
Zoe Organics Travel Set-1
Zoe Organics Travel Set-2
Zoe Organics Travel Set-3
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As part of the brand refresh, I oversaw both lifestyle and product photo shoots, knowing that photography is crucial to the emotional connection of the brand. The photo library we built was a crucial tool in the brand toolbox, as well as the look and tactile feel of the packaging and the products themselves.
Zoe Organics photography-1
Zoe Organics photography-2
Zoe Organics photography-3
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