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Full brand identity and web design for a nonprofit organization in the medtech space.

Fogarty Innovation
October 14, 2020
my Role
Senior Art Director, UI/UX Designer

Understanding a brand’s true value is critical to its success – and that means taking a holistic approach in uncovering its uniqueness. Fogarty Innovation came to Six Degrees for help with redesigning their brand identity, which the agency began by holding a series of branding workshops with core stakeholders at the organization. Together they collaborated to develop the brand’s promise and pillars, which informed the visual brand identity during each step of the process.

Once the brand promise and pillars were established, we began the process of designing logo options to present to the client. Of course, a brand’s logo is only a part of the overall branding look and feel, but as a starting point the logo sets the tone and spearheads the rest of the brand visual development.

I began by creating wireframes for the website based on the content, and once the wireframes were approved by the client, I developed a simple design system that included colors, typography, button components with different states, and repeatable patterns such as CTA blocks and the footer block. I created the blocks as master components that could be updated as each instance required.

During the high-fidelity design phase, I created interactive prototypes so all the stakeholders could weigh in on the user flow, content organization, interactive elements and final design.

Here are some of the elements our team created once the brand identity had been firmly established, including the brand guidelines.

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As the product lifecycle is still ongoing, we haven't yet reached the stage of analyzing sales and customer feedback yet. Without these metrics in place, we can determine that there are still rounds of iteration coming in the near future, and this will help continue to strengthen the efficiency and user satisfaction of this product. As my largest and most complex UI/UX project yet, this has been a learning experience for me, but I'm proud of the work I've done and the value I've been able to add to this product.

Pam Golafshar's expertise has been critical to the successful development of our application. She understands complex processes and is able to map and design with an eye towards both aesthetics and function. She has listened attentively to our specific needs and her insights for design impact on end user experience as well as for creating ready-to-market features have been invaluable for our team. From UI/UX to marketing designs, Pam has provided us with premium service from start to finish.

– David R. Wilson, Ph.D., CEO