Sevan Website

Visual Design / UI/UX
Full website redesign, including photo shoot and full design system.
Project details
April 1, 2022
Senior Art Director, UI/UX Designer
The background

Sevan Multisite Solutions came to Six Degrees because they had recently undergone a brand refresh, and needed a new website with updated content that better represented who they are.

The goal

To create an easily navigated site that clearly defines and presents the key services and solutions while highlighting the value Sevan brings to its clients.  

Project overview

1. Refresh the brand look & feel

2. Rebuild the website so it clearly and concisely communicates from the brand: Who we are, What we do, How we do it, and The value we provide customers.

The process

The first step was to collaborate with the account team to build the site architecture and wireframes.

The solution

I collaborated with the accounts team, working directly with the client, as well as copywriting and the dev team. Together we created a new website that met the established objectives and that the client was thrilled with.

I began thinking about the visual design system, as an extension of the refreshed brand identity, and started creating small interactive elements such as buttons, dropdown menus, and hover states. I organized each visual element into the master set of components that could be duplicated and relied upon to behave the same consistently throughout the 30-odd-page website. These elements eventually became the visual design system.

After the wireframes were approved, I started building out the hi-fi page layouts for desktop, since most of their end users accessed their website on desktop rather than mobile.

I built working prototypes in XD, and we went through several iterations of design and functionality, based on content and client feedback.

We also continued the iterative process of refining the web design, and at this stage I also added more interactive functionality to infuse the brand personality with each micro-interaction the user would experience.

I had the opportunity to fly out to the corporate office and on-site locations with a photographer and team, to provide art direction for the photo shoots. This provided us with a custom library of brand photography assets, a valuable resource, for the website and marketing collateral.

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As the product lifecycle is still ongoing, we haven't yet reached the stage of analyzing sales and customer feedback yet. Without these metrics in place, we can determine that there are still rounds of iteration coming in the near future, and this will help continue to strengthen the efficiency and user satisfaction of this product. As my largest and most complex UI/UX project yet, this has been a learning experience for me, but I'm proud of the work I've done and the value I've been able to add to this product.

Pam Golafshar's expertise has been critical to the successful development of our application. She understands complex processes and is able to map and design with an eye towards both aesthetics and function. She has listened attentively to our specific needs and her insights for design impact on end user experience as well as for creating ready-to-market features have been invaluable for our team. From UI/UX to marketing designs, Pam has provided us with premium service from start to finish.

– David R. Wilson, Ph.D., CEO
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