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About the project

During my time as the creative director at The Vine, I led the in-house creative team as well as a volunteer team of artists. I created the visual style and designed the posters displayed throughout the building for each speaking series, which was an exciting creative challenge for me every time. My position also allowed me to foster and support the artist community within the greater arts scene of Hong Kong.

December 1, 2015
My role
Creative Director, Visual Designer
The project

For each series, my task was to create the visual look and feel based on the narrative arc of the subject matter, often using abstract visuals as metaphors for purely conceptual topics, and launch the series across multiple platforms.

The challenge

To generate understanding and excitement around each speaking series for a diverse and multicultural audience, through creating a new visual brand unique to each series.

The big idea

To get congregants excited about each speaking series, while providing an immediate emotional connection with the subject matter through creative and unique visual branding. My team and I installed each poster series as environmental touchpoints throughout the building, as well as using the series branding to develop email and social media campaigns, website content and presentation templates.

The process

I facilitated in-depth conversations with the head pastor in order to understand the main concepts of each sermon series, and distilled those through a personal creative process to develop a visual look and feel that represented and communicated the main concepts of the series. I provided lo-fi sketches and initial visual concepts for feedback, iterating and honing the development of the brand with internal feedback from multiple sources until a concrete visual brand had been fully developed. I provided creative direction, utilizing our network of talented artists and designers, and created the series of posters as well as other visual elements needed for the branding and promotion of the series across multiple platforms.

The payoff

A uniquely stylized, colorful and impactful visual brand for each speaking series, displayed in oversized posters throughout the building as well as digital spaces. Promoting and generating excitement while simultaneously increasing awareness and understanding of each speaking series.

Fogarty_logo trials

The Women of Christmas speaking series focused on the role that women played in the Christmas story. In the traditional telling of the story, the focus has been on the wise men, the innkeeper and the shepherds; though women were central figures in the story, we often overlook their influence in our traditional telling of the story. Through viewing the Christmas story from a different angle, this series sought to give empowerment to the women of this story as well as in modern times. 

As I developed the main image for the posters, my goal was to create a sort of icon, rather than a literal image of a woman. In making a more artistic representation of a women I hoped that the women who viewed the posters would be able to identify themselves in the image to some extent, and know that the content of the speaking series included themselves as well as the women from the Christmas story. 

I wanted to make this poster series different and special, so I developed a technique of hand-printing borne out of necessity because we had no printing equipment. We used six different colors of ink, rolled and set as block-printing objects at different stages throughout the process, thereby creating different combinations of colors to ensure a variety of unique posters throughout the building. Once the speaking series concluded, the posters went on sale, and sold out within a matter of days.

Posters_The Women of Christmas_1
Posters_The Women of Christmas_2
Posters_The Women of Christmas_3
Posters_The Women of Christmas_4
Posters_The Women of Christmas_5
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For Selah, the speaking series focused on rest and Sabbath by looking at the meaning behind the biblical word “selah.” The word itself is difficult to translate, but is generally regarded as meaning “pause, or break in the music,” or “preparation for what lies ahead.” For the visual design, I wanted to bring in pieces of nature, since the setting of Hong Kong, one of the most densely populated cities in the world, didn’t provide much opportunity to experience the beauty of the natural world in our day-to-day living. After doing some research I uncovered a series of nature illustrations from the early 19th century. I reached out to the museum which held the original plates these were printed from, and they granted us use of the hi-res images for the purpose of this series. The posters sold out very quickly after the speaking series ended, and we even had to do a second printing in order to meet demand.
Selah_title slide
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The Story of God was a major 16-week undertaking, providing an overview of the Bible as shown through five main themes of the biblical story: life; presence of God and intimacy with him; rest and sabbath; rebellion and separation; and finally, restoration. The series sought to give people the ability to grasp the historical, social and narrative context of each of the main storylines as told throughout the wider story of the Bible. 

I developed each of the five themes into their own sub-brands, each with its own set of colors and visual language using playful geometric shapes and patterns. For this series there were a total of 21 different posters, plus a five-poster sequence for the main title theme. I also utilized the talents of freelancers to develop intro animations, building upon the story week to week. Overall this series was received as a huge success.

Posters_The Story of God_1
Posters_The Story of God_2
For the "Can I Get a Witness" series I was inspired by Blue Note jazz album covers from the 1950s and 60s. I relished the ability to provide a different design for each week of the series, while keeping the overall look and feel cohesive throughout the series. By using typography, color, subtle texture effects, along with playing with the scale and balance of the viewable page, I sought to create a vibrant, energetic and playful feel that intrigued and excited the viewer.
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Prophetic Justice speaking series launched during the lead-up to The Justice Conference Asia in 2015, with the theme of social justice as an important tenet of faith. The series focused on how prophetic justice is not just outlining issues that need attention in the world today, but how we can speak to what the world might look like without these issues. For the visual motif, I drew on the concept of freedom and how that might be expressed metaphorically. Since the posters were displayed throughout the same venue as the international social justice conference taking place immediately after the speaking series, I also used the same colors as the Justice Conference Asia brand, and used this poster series as an intro to the upcoming conference.
Posters_Prophetic Justice_1
Posters_Prophetic Justice_2
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