The Justice Conference Asia

Brand Identity, Visual Design


About the project

Campaign branding for global conference, including creative direction, environmental design, publication design and art installation.

April 30, 2015
My role
Creative Director, Visual Designer, Artist

The Justice Conference Asia is an annual conference that brings together a network of advocates working in social justice around the world. I oversaw the branding and implementation of all the visuals needed for this three-day event, for two annual conferences. Along with creating the logo and theme, I designed and oversaw the setup of the environmental graphics, event signage and conference book.

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The Justice Conference Asia_environmental-1
The Justice Conference Asia_environmental-2
The Justice Conference Asia_environmental-4
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As an extension of the brand expression, I had the unique opportunity to create a hanging art installation for the conference. The installation spanned the top of the stairwell into the main lobby, ushering the conference attendees into a unique sense of space and preparing them for the full conference experience.

The Justice Conference Asia_art installation-1
The Justice Conference Asia_art installation-2
The Justice Conference Asia_art installation-3
The Justice Conference Asia_art installation-4
The Justice Conference Asia_art installation-6
The Justice Conference Asia_art installation-7
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I also designed the layout and oversaw production of the conference guide, an 88-page book that each conference attendee was given to user as a resource. The creative team integrated an informal human-centered design thinking approach to making changes to the guide year-over-year, in order provide a more useful book and improve the attendee experience.
The Justice Conference Asia_conference guide-1
The Justice Conference Asia_conference guide-2
The Justice Conference Asia_conference guide-3
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