Sevan Website

Visual Design, UI/UX Design


About the project

Full website redesign, including photo shoot and full design system.

April 1, 2022
My role
Senior Art Director, Visual Designer
The background

Sevan Multisite Solutions came to Six Degrees because they had recently undergone a brand refresh, and needed a new website with updated content that better represented who they are.

The  process

The first step was to collaborate with the account team to build the site architecture and wireframes. I also started building elements of the design system.

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Sevan website - design system - 1
Sevan website - design system - 2
Sevan website - design system - 8
Sevan website - design system - 4
Sevan website - design system - 5
Sevan website - design system - 6
Sevan website - design system - 7
Sevan website - design system - 3
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The solution

Partnering with cross-functional business teams and client stakeholders, we went through the process of refining the website designs, adding functionality and infusing the brand personality with each micro-interaction.

Click here to view a working hi-fidelity prototype.

I built working prototypes in XD and we went through several iterations of design and functionality, based on content and client feedback.
Sevan website - mocks - 1
Sevan website - mocks - 2
Sevan website - mocks - 3
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I also flew out to the corporate office and some on-site locations with a team to art direct photo shoots, which provided a custom photo library of resources for the website and marketing collateral.
Sevan - example contact sheets
Photo shoot: behind the scenes - 1
Photo shoot: behind the scenes - 2
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I would have loved to include a more robust UX design process throughout this workflow, as I feel the site could have benefitted from UX research and user testing. Adding card sorting, journey mapping and usability testing to the process would allow the site to be more of a user-centered experience, allowing a richer experience for the brand's target audience and further building brand connection and loyalty.
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