Sales incentive campaign

Campaign Strategy


About the project

As a Creative Director at ITA Group, I worked on a campaign pitch for one of our clients that provided a travel experience to members of their sales team, as a reward for meeting certain levels of achievement through the upcoming year.

October 17, 2019
My role
Creative Director

My role in this campaign was to develop a communications timeline for delivering this incentive campaign and generating the excitement needed to sustain the campaign for the entire year. I would also be responsible for designing the campaign theme, logo and brand identity, which our creative team would use to develop the deliverable assets throughout the campaign.

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Here is the timeline that I developed, showing the communication touchpoints for the campaign.
Communication timeline
Communication timeline - detail
These are the final pages in the pitch deck showing the proposed communication timeline, with examples of collateral from a previous travel incentive campaign that we had developed.
Communication timeline example - 1
Communication timeline example - 2
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Here are some additional pages from our pitch deck, for which I also designed the template, showing some options that our team recommended for travel destinations for this campaign.
Campaign pitch deck - 1
Campaign pitch deck - 2
Campaign pitch deck - 3
Campaign pitch deck - 4
Campaign pitch deck - 5
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